Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life is Good.

The other day I ordered a wireless printer, it came with a 4GB thumb drive. In the same exact order I also ordered a couple of packages of paper for the printer. The printer came yesterday. The paper is supposed to be here today and well, the thumb drive will show up when it is ready I suppose. WTF?!?! It was all ONE order! Enough of my rant…

I am happy because now I can print/copy/scan what I need to. I did not realize that life would be difficult without a printer! The people where we live, at the Racquet Club are awesome, they have a  residents are with a copier and fax and the night monitors are pretty cool about letting you print something important.

Having our own printer is pretty great, although at this point of writing this, I have no paper. Sigh. I already set it up for wireless printing with my lap top and now I just have to set up Army Boy’s to print wirelessly. The printer itself was like $54 so that was good!! Yesterday I also got my slow cooker. I am thrilled, I totally missed having one of those since I moved.

Life is good. Things are great. Taking a 2 week break from school right now because I need one badly. But when I go back I will give it my all like I always do. I am close to graduation, so that is a plus.

I am so happy that I make myself sick. LOL. Well, gotta run. Ciao!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well, I recently quit Kroger, but I am working at another place now. I am much happier here and so glad I left the deli. It was really messing with the PTSD and I was exhausted all the time. School was suffering too. I am much happier now. Things are wonderful here and life is great! It is late and I need to hit the bed, I just wanted to update you all… Night.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Job and Stress

Well, I started my job and it has been a hectic couple of weeks!! It is hard working and going to school. I am so exhausted all the time, but life is good!! The job sucks, but it is money, so that is good. My PTSD is playing hell on me because of the stress from the job.

Things here are great and I am so happy. This is just a quick update and I am off again to finish some stuff here in the house. Have a great one!!