Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is it Karma?

So, I just found out that my ex in Michigan is about to be evicted. I am not sure exactly how I feel about this piece of information. I do know that I am worried for the cat we had however. She is very sweet and does not deserve this. I wish that I was closer because I would go and grab her for sure!

While my relationship with him is more of ambivalent than anything else. I do kind of feel badly for him. Our relationship had run it’s course quickly but neither of us wanting to admit it I think. I am happy to be where I am now and with who I am. I was trying to be a good person and left the electric on when I left because I knew he could not get it in his name. Now, I am wondering if I did the right thing by doing that. I know the last bill was $169.00 and I am wondering if I will be stuck with that when I was trying to be nice. Sigh.

I guess that time will tell with that. I should not have done it, I know.. But I was trying to be amicable with our split because it was ugly enough with the fact that I had to call the cops before I left because he was being a jerk. I was not trying to be a bitch or anything, but he was being a jerk and his behavior was out of control.

Well, I need to run! Ciao!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Happens

If you are a friend of mine on FB, on my personal page that is, not the game page, yesterday you saw that I posted that I was pissed off. I am still mad, but not as much now. I wish I could share the story with you, but I had best not until we see how it shakes out. It has to do with Army Boy and his unit and some things that happened at AT. Let me be clear, or as clear as I can be without telling the whole story. Army Boy did NOTHING wrong. I am not mad at HIM at all.

Okay, so that is all I can say about that right now. Life is good still. Just really tired lately. Thinking that I might be pregnant again. I have to make an appointment at the doctor, I called and they can’t see me until next week, which is fine because Army Boy has an medical appointment at the VA tomorrow.

First of all, I lost the baby that I was speaking about in the entry here. I know that a lot of you may not have known that and I did not share publicly for sure about that. I am okay. It was disappointing and I was sad, but I know it was not in the Plan for that moment. So, we moved on, and now here we are again. We are both are cautiously happy.

I have been playing WoW a lot with Army Boy and it has been fun. This last weekend ( the one that just past) was a Drill weekend for him, so he had a couple of early mornings. Apparently there was supposed to be a Family Day, but they decided to change the date and did not bother to tell anyone. I actually did not go because I was not feeling well, but it would have been annoying to have gone and oh yeah, we changed the date.

Communication is not one of the strong suits apparently. I am trying to stay healthy because I usually get sick in the summer time. It is a battle for me right now. I am taking my vitamins and all that. I even got some Ensure to drink on those days that I don’t eat so healthy. We need to go shopping this week.

Well, I am going to run.. I am so tired! Ciao!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Foray into Technology

I believe that I am reasonably smart when it comes to technology and using my lap top. This is a story about how one woman wants to get rid of AOL off her computer, but it just won’t go away.

The other day, it was decided that I needed to clean up my lap top some. I play WoW (World of Warcraft) a lot and I have begun to have some issues with how quickly my computer works and freezing, especially in battles. So, I started with taking all the non essential things off my lap top and I put AOL into that category because, I can check AOL mail on my browser with no issues. Only, it did not leave my computer a couple of days ago. So now I am trying to get it off my computer. I hate letting it scan for other versions because it takes forever and there should be no other versions because I had just downloaded it, never updated it.

So, as I write this, it is scanning for other versions that should not exist but probably do, they are sneaky like that. on the box that pops up it says, this should only take a moment, but it takes a lot longer than that! Oh, it finally finished and low and behold, there was another version on here. Go figure. I always say that you need to be smarter than the thing you are trying to operate and that is true, which is clearly not the case here. Some how another version got put on my hard drive that I am at this moment eradicating off my hard drive. Again they say this will take a few moments, why can’t they be honest and say, this will take freaking forever or until you get annoyed and say to hell with it and leave it on your lap top. I am determined to get it off this time, though, so I will wait through their computer generated eternity just to get it gone!

I also have Windows8 on a non touch screen computer. Can we say HATE it?! I don’t have another OS to put on here or I would so fast it would make your head spin! I took off all but the most essential apps, that I need or use. Which honestly are not many. I have several cookbook apps, which I kept. So, I am hoping that I can say goodbye to AOL now. Not really holding my breath, but you never know! Ciao!