Friday, August 16, 2013

Life is Good but Hard

Lately the Army Boy and I have been having serious money issues, the kind of issues that have eviction notices attached to them. These issues did not come about because we have not been paying out bills, but because the employment ran out and we had to file another claim, which of course takes time and them we could not claim the first check until the 14th when our rent is due on the 7th at the very latest. So, these last seven days have been incredibly stressful, add to that the fact that we were almost out of food and where we live he makes too much money claiming unemployment to qualify for food stamps. It has been a rough seven days for us. I have been praying non stop because honestly the way it works is  that the first check is only for one week instead of two. So we were looking at $360 and it would not cover the rent. We applied for one time help from the Housing Authority here, but have not heard anything. That would be a one time check of $250, so with the partial unemployment, it would have caught us up with the rent.

Glory to God, today we got the unemployment money and it was for two weeks! So, we paid the rent outright and are totally caught up with some money left over. He called the Unemployment office to be sure that it was not a mistake and honestly I was kind of freaking out praying that it was NOT a mistake. Apparently it was not. So since we had to borrow some money from his parents for food, we will be okay. Thank God!

Life is good again and I am happy again and no stress. We are back on track. Army Boy goes to pick his classes on Monday and starts school the 21st. Wal-Mart is talking to him about a job, so hopefully it will all work out and we will be squared away! Well, I gotta run make a small grocery list. Ciao!

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