Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today has not been a great day for us. I am fine, but Army Boy got some news he knew was coming but it still frustrated him. In the National Guard as well as Active Duty Army, to get to go to school, you have to pass a weight and tape as well as a PT test. He failed the weight and tape today. The thing is we both knew he would fail, but it is still frustrating for him. So now he won’t be going to school for combat medic until sometime next year. Next month is the AT (annual training) which is two weeks long. I am not looking forward to that, but at least we both have cell phones and will be able to talk. I felt terrible for him today when he called and told me.

But as I said, he knew he would fail it today. The thing is that by next month if he works hard enough he could pass it. But they still pulled him out of line for school. The Army and the state of Kentucky both have suspended tuition assistance for the Army National Guard and Active Duty because of the federal budget issues. I have no words for this because I am so angry. This Administration has no respect or regard for the troops, both active duty and National Guard.I could go on and on, but I am not one to force my politics on anyone. Let’s just say that I am not impressed with the government right now and think that a lot of things need to change and quickly.

I am tired today. As usual. I need to run. Ciao!

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