Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Saga Continues

So this morning Army Boy has to take a PT test. Now, if you remember I mentioned his knee was messed up and he had been on a profile that did no good for 3 days. A normal person would say, okay you can walk during the PT test so you don’t hurt yourself even more. However, the Army is not like that. He has to run in his PT test. RUN on a bad knee. After they knew it was hurt. Now, he is going to start the process to get into the VA for medical and such for him, however that might take months or even years to get done.

This is frustrating to say the very least when dealing with all this crap. I can see ways that they need to fix things, but I know because of what it is, it is never that easy. I hate sitting here and seeing all this crap when it would be so easy to just say, okay, we will get your knee fixed up.

I am so tired this morning. I have not been sleeping well again and I know it will be over soon. I have some stuff to finish today before Army Boy gets home. I am however, ready for him to be home for sure. I know he is ready to be home too. Well gotta run.. Ciao!

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